TJ Schiller

Park + Pipe

TJ first experienced Momentum as a digger, so he knows what it takes to put a great terrain park together and he has helped design some of the key features in the Momentum park. Aside from TJ’s phenomenal skiing talent,  he has a great personality and is well-suited to coach –  with his high energy and positive overdrive he’s an inspirational motivator and fun leader on the Momentum crew. One of the most talented and highly visible skiers on the pro circuit,  he’s known for his flawlesly smooth, clean style and monster air.  TJ broke all records and raised the bar in Big Air by performing the first ever double cork 1620 in competition!


Career Highlights:
2nd, 2010 X-Games Big Air
1st, 2009 X-Games Slopestyle
1st, 2007 WSI Big Air, Whistler
1st, 2006 X Games, Best Trick
1st, 2006 Icer Air
1st 2006  US Open Big Air
1st 2005 US Open Slopestyle