General FAQs

General questions

What’s the average age of the campers?
How soon do you start to fill up?
Where do most of the campers come from and how many are girls?
What clothing should I pack?
Do I have to bring my own skis?
How do you compare to other camps?
Can parents attend the camp too?
How is the adult-only camp different to the first 4 sessions?

On Hill

What level of skier do you have to be to attend?
What kind of weather/snow conditions do you get in summer?
How long does it take to get to the glacier?
Who will my coach be?

Off Hill

Where and what do we eat?
Do I have to pay for afternoon activities and do I have to participate?


How much are the campers supervised?
How do you deal with campers using drugs, alcohol or smoking?
What kind of safety precautions do you take?
What happens in the case of injury?
Is there a curfew?


How do I pay for camp?
What’s included in the camp price?
What’s your cancellation policy?
How much spending money should I bring?
Is it easy to exchange money?
How do I send extra money to my child?


What happens when I arrive at the airport?
What kind of ID do I need to get into Canada?
What arrangements should I make for ‘unaccompanied minor’?
What happens if I don’t arrive between 10am and 3pm or depart within the scheduled times?
What happens if my flight is delayed and I arrive after 3pm?
How do I get to camp if I’m driving?
Can I bring my bike?
– Do you have a Travel Agent you can recommend?


Who will I be rooming with and how many kids per room?
How do I contact the hotel and are there phones in the rooms?
How far away are the lifts from the hotel?
What facilities are at the hotel?

General questions

What’s the average age of the campers? Top

During the Youth sessions we accept skiers starting at age 9, with the average age being around 14. For skiers age 9-11 (the grom years) we have packages available for the parents to come along and accompany if they feel parental supervision is still needed. Young adults are also welcome to join our youth weeks. Our Adult-only week sees people from age 19 to 70+ with the average age being in the 30’s.

How soon do you start to fill up? Top

Usually bookings start flowing in from January onwards and by early-March the most popular sessions are starting to book up. Every year it seems to get earlier so please call or email us to check availability and we can hold your spot while your registration/deposit is in the mail. The spot is not 100% guaranteed until we receive your $400 deposit/session.

Where do most of the campers come from? Top

Campers come from all over North America, as well as a few internationals from Europe, Australia, Mexico, Japan, Korea and Central/South America.

What clothing should I pack? Top

Weather in the mountains can change rapidly so be prepared for everything from hot sunshine to heavy snow. You should include:

– waterproof skiwear + gloves (ideally a shell suit, with layers underneath)
– full set of ski equipment
– helmet for terrain park skiing or off-axis/inverted mogul tricks (mandatory)
– backpack, water bottle, sunscreen,
– goggles and sunglasses
– swimwear, soccer cleats (optional)
– optional: water ramp gear (we provide wetsuit, helmet and skis – you use your own boots, which dry overnight)

Please limit your bags to one ski bag and one clothing bag, plus a small backpack. No bikes!

Do I have to bring my own skis? Top

Yes – you can rent skis in Whistler if you don’t have your own set.Contact us for details as you will need to pre-book to ensure you get the right size equipment.

How do you compare to other camps? Top

Momentum’s greatest strength over any camp is their coaches. We have the best line up of Olympic, World Cup and Pro skiers,  many of whom used to be campers themselves.  Having a positive impact and helping skiers become successful is demonstrated most clearly with our track record of former campers. Over the past 27 years our terrain park has also grown substantially and we now offer the largest private park on the glacier, with 6 full lanes of space on the Blackcomb Glacier and a T-bar that offers us the fastest turnaround time of any camp. Momentum operates out of the Blackcomb Lodge Hotel in the heart of Whistler BC, home of the 2010 Olympics. Whistler as a four season resort has an endless list of activities and places to explore once you get down from the hill.

Here are some points to consider:

– We offer mogul, slopestyle and halfpipe coaching. Snowboard teams are able to attend Momentum on our ‘Terrain -Only’ Package and train in our private park with their own coaches  – contact us for details.

– We focus heavily on quality coaching not just coming to ‘cruise’ – we want you to go home a better skier than when you arrived!

– Our coaches work with you in small groups and coach you all day as well as do daily video review with you in the evenings. They are involved in the whole camp, from breakfast, to skiing, to afternoon activities, dinner and evening activities and stay at the hotel – you’ll really get to know them. They don’t just ride – they teach, motivate and inspire!

– We pride ourselves on having the most experienced, excellent and enthusiastic coaching crew on the glacier with a mix of top pros, Olympians, World Cup skiers as well as veteran coaches/competitors and young guns who are currently ripping on the circuit. Our coaching is very hands-on, one-on-one, rather than just having coaches ‘post-up’ – you’ve paid to improve your skiing and our goal is to teach you quickly and safely.

– We offer a complete all-inclusive package, with a full daily program including ALL meals (all you can eat breakfast and lunch, juice break snack on-hill and a full evening meal), so that once you’re at camp you don’t have to worry about what, where or when to eat!

– Your deluxe accommodation is at a 3 star hotel, with pool and hot tub, centrally located and close to all restaurants, activities and the ski hill. All rooms have phone, wifi, TV and DVD, small kitchenette, maid service, 24 hour front desk staff.

– We offer in-depth daily video review to give you real one-on-one feedback with your coach. You get to keep this record of your individual progress along with coaches’ comments, as well as a camp slide show.

– We also offer expert water ramp instruction from Freestyle Canada qualified instructors, as well as daily trampoline training with a qualified coach.

–  We also offer special team deals – contact us for details.

– We limit our camp size to ensure terrain is never crowded and you don’t get lost in the crowd!


Can parents attend the youth camp too? Top

We prefer not, as the youth-only camps (Sessions 3-5) are geared for teenagers, but if you’re young at heart, or want to accompany your child or come as a team chaperone, we occasionally have parents attending. This year we are again offering a mixed age session in the second week, which we encourage parents to attend. Whistler is a great location for a family vacation and non-skiing parents can enjoy all the great activities the resort has to offer, while their kids are busy at camp. We can either book you into the same hotel or a nearby house/condo, or you can make your own arrangements – there’s plenty of accommodation nearby from luxury hotels to more affordable condos. Please contact us for suggestions. We encourage adults without kids to sign up for Session 1.

How is the adult-only camp (Session 1) different to the youth sessions? Top

We offer the same mogul, park or hybrid (3 days of each) instruction in both camps, as well as afternoon activities and evening video review. The coach to skier ratio is maximum 4-6 skiers per coach instead of 4-7. The average age is around 35 instead of 14. Hotel accommodation is based on 2 adults sharing. We offer upgraded dinners, which take a little longer. Afternoon activities are geared for adult tastes and include hikes and bungee jumping. There is no supervision and evening socializing in Whistler’s nightspots is encouraged!

On Hill:

What level of skier do you have to be to attend? Top

Moguls – we accept all levels of aspiring mogul skiers from people just starting to ski bumps, to World Cup skiers. You should however be able to make good parallel turns on the flats and be a high level 5 or level 6 skier in ski school.
Park – we accept all levels of slopestyle skiers from people just starting to take their first air or slide a rail, to those who can jump 80′ tabletops, and are working towards a spot in X-Games!

What kind of weather/snow conditions do you get in summer? Top

Expect everything from hot sunshine to fresh snow! On sunny days you can see for miles and ski in a T-shirt; if the clouds roll in, be prepared for fog, rain, hail or snow! It’s essential that you wear plenty of sunscreen whether it’s sunny or cloudy as the ultra violet rays on the glacier are harsh and you will burn really quickly. Also always wear your goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes. Snow conditions can be hard packed in early morning if it’s been a clear and frosty night, quickly warming up to soft, forgiving slush by mid-morning. We use salt on our jumps and terrain features to make sure they are in mint condition.

How long does it take to get to the glacier?Top

You ride 1 gondola , take a short bus ride round to the final quad chair and then ski down into the glacier. It takes about 40 minutes to ride to the top and you’ll enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, including a bird’s eye view of bears, most days. During the earlier sessions you can usually ski from the glacier down to the top of the Solar Coaster Chair which cuts out one chair and the bus ride. Note that you can check your skis at the top of gondola so you do not have to carry them to and from the mountain each day.

Who will my coach be? Top

You get to work with almost all of our great coaches as we rotate the groups each day. This is your chance to get to know the style and experience of all the top pros and Olympians, who will inspire you to make your skiing dreams come true.

Off Hill:

Where and what do we eat? Top

Breakfast – At the base of the mountain, an all you can eat buffet with hot and cold foods, cereal, fruit, yogurt etc.
On-hill juice break –  lemonade, fruit and Cliffbar.
Lunch – At the Horstman Hut on top of the mountain an all you can eat deli-style lunch or BBQ.
Dinner – delicious dine-around at a different restaurant in the Whistler Village each night, all a short walk from the hotel.

Do I have to pay for afternoon activities and do I have to participate? Top

No – all scheduled afternoon and day-off activities are included in the price if you sign up for Full Package. You do not have to take part in the activities but most people do as it’s a great way to get to know other campers and coaches, try something new and see a little more of the Whistler area. If you are on the Ski-Only Package you have the option of adding on the activities so that you experience the same full day program as the other campers – you just don’t sleep at the hotel or have the meals.


How much are the campers supervised?Top

The campers are supervised throughout the day on the mountain and during the afternoon and evening activities. During free times campers can walk around the village, but under 19 yr olds have to be back in the hotel by 10:00pm. Whistler is a small, pedestrian village, so it’s safe and easy for campers to enjoy the atmosphere of the squares and cafes and get safely back to the hotel, which is in the very centre of Whistler. Our staff and camp directors stay in the hotel and do a room-check each night. We also have dedicated camp counsellors to help with supervision in the hotel as well as our ops staff. We state the camp rules very clearly during our welcome meetings and ask that campers respect them. This attitude of mutual respect usually means everyone can have a good time without too much trouble! We do not have counsellors sleeping in rooms with campers so if you need this level of supervision for your child it would be best if you accompany them.

How do you deal with campers using drugs, alcohol or smoking? Top

We have a zero tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol – campers will be sent home with no refund. We want to provide a safe and healthy environment at camp for everyone. We have staff on duty each night to check on campers and search rooms if alcohol or drugs are suspected. There is a no-smoking policy in the hotel and on the mountain.

What kind of safety precautions do you take?Top

Like any action sport, freestyle skiing has inherent risks, but we try to minimize these by using experienced staff and following a strict policy of due diligence. Our staff is fully briefed on our operating procedures and campers are told the camp and mountain rules and regulations at our welcome meetings. We ensure that campers are well warmed up and stretched before they start skiing with their coach and they ski in small supervised groups with skiers of a similar ability, so that they learn at a comfortable pace. We do not allow inverts on the first day and we only allow people to flip for the first time once they have shown proven ability on the water ramp or airbag. Skiers wanting to flip for the first time must first show their air sense on trampoline and then qualify their jump on the water ramp or air bag before attempting it on snow. Helmets are mandatory. We have a crew of staff who work to keep our terrain in top condition, smoothing jumps, and ensuring the features are in good shape before the skiers use them. Coaches supervise the jumps to ensure the landings are clear before the next skier goes. Afternoon activities are fully supervised; trampolining and water ramping are overseen by a qualified aerial + trampoline coach. Having said all that injuries can of course happen.

What happens in the case of injury?Top

Blackcomb Mountain has fully trained ski patrollers up on the mountain, who will safely transport you to Whistler’s emergency clinic. There is also a helicopter on call, at all times, in case of serious injury. Whistler has plenty of excellent physiotherapists to help campers get over minor injuries. A number of our staff are also qualified in First Aid. Once you have registered for camp we will send you a medical release form, which the clinic will need before they can treat minors. You will have to pay for treatment by credit card and can reclaim this later from your insurance company. Campers must have their own travel and medical insurance, which covers them for skiing. There are no camp refunds in the case of injury.

Is there a curfew? Top

Yes, campers under the age of 19 must be back in the hotel by 10pm. We then conduct a room check to make sure everyone is accounted for and campers are respecting the quiet rules in the hotel. We keep an extra eye on the younger kids and make sure they get enough sleep.


How do I pay for camp? Top

We accept visa/mastercard, e-transfer or wire transfers. We do not accept Amex. We require a $400 deposit per session, which is usually charged on credit card with the balance charged on the same card 3 weeks prior to camp start. Note that credit cards will be charged in $Cdn and are subject to the current exchange rate used by your credit card company.

What’s included in the camp price? Top

Full package includes everything, i.e. ALL meals, accommodation in a luxury hotel in the heart of Whistler, airport transfers, coaching, lift tickets, afternoon and evening activities, Camp T-shirt, sponsor prizes and personal video footage. The Skiing-only package includes all the on-hill coaching, lift tickets, terrain access and evening video and trampoline, but not the afternoon activities, food, accommodation and airport transfers. Activities can be added on to the Skiing-only package. NOTE that airfare is NOT INCLUDED and there is no food provided on travel days.

What’s your cancellation policy? Top

If you cancel in writing up to three weeks prior to camp start, your deposit of $400 CDN is non-refundable. After this date, there are no refunds whatsoever. Note that there will also be no refunds if a camper is injured or required to go home for other reasons. However, you can purchase cancellation and injury insurance, click here for more details. Cancellation is not considered valid until acknowledged by us in an email.

How much spending money should I bring? Top

The Full Package camp price covers everything apart from food on travel days. So the only spending money you will need is for extra snacks, souvenirs etc – it’s up to you.

Is it easy to exchange money? Top

Yes – there are currency exchange booths, banks, as well as ATM machines, which accept US and some international bank cards and will give you Canadian money.

How do I send extra money to my child? Top

Funds can be wired through Western Union to a Money Mart Foreign Exchange, right by our hotel and funds are available right away. Contact us for details.


What happens when I arrive at the airport? Top

We have members of staff at the airport to meet all arriving campers. We are not allowed to meet flights at the gate, but will be waiting in the arrivals area of the international terminal for all US and international campers. Our meeting point is the Tim Horton’s Restaurant, which is on the right hand side of the arrivals area. We’ll have a Momentum Ski Camps sign there and you’ll probably see a bunch of luggage trolleys with skis and know you’ve found us. We meet Canadian campers at the Domestic Terminal at the top of the stairs in the middle of the Arrivals area, just in front of the Tim Horton’s. We ask you to book your flights to arrive and depart as close to midday as possible – between the hours of 11am and 3pm is ideal. Busses usually leave at around 1pm and 3pm with a sweeper van for late arrivals. Please call the operations cell phone # is 604 905 8244 if you have flight delays or any other problems.

What kind of ID do I need to get into Canada? Top

All Americans and internationals require a passport to fly to and from Canada. Please apply for a passport as soon as possible if you do not yet have one. If you have a passport – check to make sure it has not expired!

What kind of ID do I need if I am Canadian and flying to Vancouver? Top

Air travellers travelling within Canada must meet Transport Canada requirements for identification. Usually, these requirements can be satisfied with a government-issued photo identification card such as a Drivers Licence, General Identification Card, or passport. Otherwise, two pieces of government-issued identification, at least one of which contains the person’s correct name, date of birth, and place of birth (such as a birth certificate), is required. The name on the identification must be the same as the name on the boarding pass.

What arrangements should I make for ‘unaccompanied minor’? Top

Please check with your airline what their ‘unaccompanied minor’ rules are. You may have to pay an additional fee for airline staff to accompany your child at either end of the journey. Note that Momentum staff are unable to do this as we are busy meeting new arrivals on travel day. Please contact us nearer the time for the name of our staff member who will be meeting your child, as the airline will require this. Please make sure to let us know that your child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor as we will need to sign them in and out.

What happens if I don’t arrive/depart between 11am and 3pm? Top

You will have to pay the transfer costs for either taking the public bus, taxi or arranging a private shuttle. There is a regular public bus to Whistler, which costs approx $70 Cdn and stops right outside our hotel. Taxis will make the drive, but are expensive at approx $270 Cdn. Please contact us for further details.

What happens if my flight is delayed and I arrive after 3pm? Top

We always have a sweeper minivan and staff member at the airport specifically to wait for late arrivals. If however your flight is going to be extremely delayed and we have other campers also waiting at the airport, we may book you onto a public bus or arrange for a taxi, depending on your age. You will be responsible for these extra costs. Please call us with your new arrival details on cell: 604 905 8244.

How do I get to camp if I’m driving? Top

From Vancouver: find your way to Highway 99 and drive north to Squamish and onwards to Whistler. We’re about a 2 hour drive from downtown Vancouver and 45 minutes from Squamish. Once you enter Whistler keep driving, you’ll pass through Whistler Creekside, past the subdivisions ‘Nordic Estates’ and ‘Brio’ and then you’ll arrive at the main village. Turn right off the highway at the stop lights. Right at the next set of lights and follow the road round to the left. You’ll see a small turning on the right and parking in front of the Blackcomb Lodge. You can reach the hotel at 604 932 4155.

Can I bring my bike? Top

No – we do not have room for bikes on the bus, but you can ship it separately if you really want to bring your own bike and are staying for more than one session. Or you can take the public bus to Whistler and pay and Extra cost to bring your bike.


Do you have a Travel Agent you can recommend?

Yes – Jenny Revesz, who books all the travel for Freestyle Canada is great to deal with and very reliable.
Tel: 604-9054920, Email:

or if in the US – Winter Park Travel have helped campers in the past.


Who will I be rooming with and how many kids per room? Top

You can note on your registration form any friends you’d like to room with. Youth campers will be sharing a 4 bed two level  kitchen loft and are matched with campers of the same age and sex. If you don’t know anyone at camp we will match you with a girl or boy of the same age. Girls and boys do not room together. We can make exceptions for siblings. Upgrades to 2 person rooms and private rooms are available, space permitting – contact us for details. Session 1  rooming is based on 2 adults sharing. If adults attend the youth sessions (2-5) you will be required to upgrade to a private room, unless there are other suitable adults you can share a room with. Pricing in that session is based on 4 people sharing a 2 level loft room (king, queen sofa and 2 twin beds).

How do I contact the hotel and are there phones in the rooms? Top

Yes – you will need a credit card to open the line. You can contact your child by calling the Blackcomb Lodge at Tel: 604 932 4155.
The hotel address is: Blackcomb Lodge, 4220 Gateway Drive, Whistler, BC, VON 1B4, Canada.

How far away are the lifts from the hotel? Top

The lifts are a short walk from the hotel.

What facilities are at the hotel? Top

The hotel offers an indoor heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi tub, TV, Wifi, DVD, telephone, hair dryers, washer/dryers, a full kitchen and all have en-suite bathrooms. The Momentum office is located on the ground floor of the hotel with camp information and clothing for sale.