Parent FAQs

If you’ve read through the rest of the camp information you’ll now have a good idea of what we offer. Please also read our FAQs page, which will answer more of your questions (some of which are repeated below). Please feel free to call or email us if you have further questions or if you’d like references from other campers or their parents, we are happy to supply contact information of people in your area. Your child’s happiness and well-being is our priority and running teenage camps since 1992 we’ve learnt how to give them a truly rewarding and memorable camp experience, with many campers coming back year after year.

Here are some of the most common questions we get from parents:

Travel questions
Payment/Cancellation policies
Options for parents accompanying their kids

Supervision Top

The campers are supervised throughout the day on the mountain and during the afternoon and evening activities. During the limited free times campers can walk around the village, but under 19 yr olds have to be back in the hotel by 10:00pm. Whistler is a small, pedestrian village, so it’s safe and easy for campers to enjoy the atmosphere of the squares and cafes and get safely back to the hotel, which is located in the heart of town. Our staff and camp director stay in the hotel and do a room check each night. We also have dedicated counsellors to help with supervision at the hotel, along with our ops staff. We state the camp rules very clearly during our welcome meetings and ask that campers respect them. This attitude of mutual respect usually means everyone can have a good time and make new friends without too much trouble! We do not have counsellors sleeping in rooms with campers so if you need this level of supervision for your child it would be best if you accompany them.

Drugs/Alcohol/Tobacco Top

We have a zero tolerance policy on drugs + alcohol –- campers will be sent home with no refund.  We have staff on duty each night to check on campers and search rooms if alcohol or drugs are suspected. There is a no-smoking/vaping policy in the hotel and on the mountain. We expect campers to respect our rules to create a healthy, happy and safe environment for all concerned.

Safety Top

Like any action sport, freestyle skiing and snowboarding have inherent risks, but we try to minimize these by using experienced staff and following a strict policy of due diligence. Our staff is fully briefed on our operating procedures and campers are told the camp and mountain rules and regulations at our welcome meetings. We ensure that campers are well warmed up and stretched and are sorted into small groups with campers of a similar ability so that they learn at a comfortable pace. We do not allow inverts on the first day and we only allow people to flip once they have shown proven ability on the water ramp. Campers wanting to flip for the first time must first show their air sense on trampoline and then qualify their jump on the water ramp or airbag before attempting it on snow. Helmets are mandatory. We also make good use of the airbag on the glacier for campers to safely try new tricks and build their confidence. We have a crew of staff who work to keep our terrain in top condition, smoothing jumps and ensuring the features are in good shape every day. Afternoon activities are fully supervised; trampoline and water ramping are overseen by a qualified Freestyle Canada aerial coach. Having said all that injuries can of course happen.

Injuries Top

Blackcomb Mountain has fully trained patrollers up on the mountain, who will safely transport the camper to Whistler’s emergency clinic along with a member of our staff, where they are very experienced at dealing with injuries. There is also a helicopter on call, at all times, in case of serious injury (there is a fee for this). Whistler has plenty of excellent physiotherapists to help campers get over minor injuries. A number of our staff are also qualified in First Aid. Once you have registered for camp we will send you a medical release form, which the clinic requires before they can treat anyone underage. You will have to pay for treatment by credit card and can reclaim this later from your insurance company. Campers must have their own travel and medical insurance, which covers them for skiing or snowboarding as well as any illness. There are no camp refunds in the case of injury or illness, unless you have purchased our camp insurance.

Travel questions Top

– Airport welcome: We have members of staff at the airport to meet all arriving campers. We are not allowed to meet flights at the gate, but will be waiting in the arrivals area of the international terminal for all US and international campers. Please contact us on cell phone # 604 905 8244 if you have flight delays.

– Late arrivals: We always have a sweeper minivan and staff member at the airport specifically to wait for late arrivals. If however your child’s flight is going to be extremely delayed and we have other campers also waiting at the airport, we may book him/her onto the express bus or arrange for a taxi, depending on camper age and will discuss this with you. You will be responsible for these extra costs. Please call us with your new arrival details on cell: 604 905 8244.

– All Americans/Internationals require a passport to fly to and from Canada. Please apply for a passport as soon as possible if you do not yet have one. All other nationalities must also carry a valid passport to enter Canada. Check that your passport has not expired and also how long it must be valid to enter Canada.

– If your child is under 19 it is also advisable to give them a notarized letter of permission stating the child’s full name, birthday, the purpose of the trip, the dates of the trip, where they will be staying and this needs to be signed by both parents, with their addresses and phone numbers.

– Unaccompanied minors: Please check with your airline what their ‘unaccompanied minor’ rules are. You may have to pay an additional fee for airline staff to accompany your child at either end of the journey and our staff will sign for them on arrival and sign them over to the airline on departure. Please contact us nearer the time for the names of our staff members who will be meeting your child as the airline will require this.

Payment/Cancellation policies Top

(Applicable to our regular Full Package and Coaching Only package camps – not applicable to Teams on our Terrain Only Access)

We accept visa/mastercard, e-transfers or wire transfers. NO AMEX. We require a $650 non-refundable deposit per session, which is usually charged on credit card with the balance charged on the same card on May 10th, unless other arrangements have been made. Payment plans prior to camp can be arranged.

Cancellation Policy:

• Should you have to cancel for any reason the Deposit and any hotel upgrade costs are non-refundable.
• Balances for all sessions are charged on May 10th. After this date there are no refunds on the Balance paid.
• Should the camps not be able to operate due to circumstances entirely beyond our control (e.g. WB/Vail Operational decisions, snow conditions, forest fires or other disasters), you will receive a full refund on the camp cost (minus a 3% credit card fee). However we will not be responsible for any additional costs (e.g. airfare, accommodation etc),
• We strongly recommend therefore that you take out your own trip cancellation insurance or check whether this is offered on your credit card to cover all scenarios.

Momentum Cancellation Insurance:

• Cost – $175/session + GST.

If you purchase our Cancellation Insurance at the time of registration and you need to cancel for any reason, you will be reimbursed your balance paid minus the cost of the insurance, as well as 50% of your deposit. This applies up until the day before your camp session starts. For this to be valid you must receive an email from us acknowledging receipt of your cancellation. Note any hotel upgrade costs are not covered by this and are non-refundable.

If you are injured/unwell or must return home early from camp, you will be reimbursed $200/day for each full day missed after you leave the camp. If you have to stay longer or incur any other costs related to injury or illness you will have to cover these additional expenses yourself. Note that this insurance must be purchased at time of booking, using our on-line registration form.

• Note that should you or your child have to prolong your stay either due to illness/injury whilst you are at camp, you will be responsible for any extra costs related to this. 

Medical/Accident/Travel Insurance:

All participants must also have adequate Accident and Medical Insurance in place for all camp activities, which must include Medical Treatment including Hospitalization, Ambulance, Emergency Dental Teatment, Helicopter Evacuation, and Return to Home Residence, as well as coverage for any type of illness which may require medical care, hospitalization or medication.

Canadians please check with your healthcare provider what coverage you have when visiting BC as it may not cover all costs and you can purchase additional ‘out of province’ medical insurance.

Options for parents accompanying their kids Top

Whistler is a great location for a family vacation and parents can enjoy all the great activities the resort has to offer, while their kids are busy with us at camp. There’s plenty of accommodation nearby from luxury hotels to more affordable condos or you can stay at the camp hotel if we have space. Please contact us for suggestions. We offer a Coaching Only Option if you prefer your kids to stay with you rather than at the camp hotel and you can add on activities and selected meals to give them the full camp experience. If you would like to take part in the camp along with your kids then Session 2 ‘Family Week’ is the session for you!

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