The Mogul Program

Mogul Skiing is one of the greatest challenges a skier can face. Conquer the bumps and you can ski anywhere on the mountain. Good mogul skiers learn to adjust to ever-changing terrain, with a technique that requires much more range of motion than regular skiing.
• Geared for all levels,  from recreational skiers looking to boost their skills and confidence to aspiring competitors.
• Combining exercises on the flats, use of our ‘absorption tank’, practise in soft, summer bumps, a step by step approach to air and daily video review, our program is set up to progress your skiing.
• Using coaching techniques developed directly from World Cup skiers and coaches, Momentum teaches you the correct way to absorb, control speed and ski the zipper line with confidence!

Summer Camp Terrain:
Momentum builds a private and world class Mogul training area every summer:
• 12 lines of perfect bumps on a super course measuring 24 meters wide (80′)  x 280 meters long (920′)
• 8 lines of bumps with tables and jumps plus 4 lines of bumps dedicated to moguls only (no tables or jumps)
• two tables with a pro jump built to spec for World Cup
• large coaching table at the bottom with a ‘learn to flip and spin’ jump site
• double wide absorption tank to help you learn the right timing and technique for absorbing the bumps
• 2 giant airbags to safely build your air sense
• off-hill trampolines
• a full Water Ramp facility

Without question, we have the greatest line up of talented Moguls Coaches in the world, and it’s no coincidence that many of these coaches were also once Momentum campers themselves. It’s almost like a lifecycle – start out as a camper, go make your mark on the world and come back to coach the new generation! It’s this relationship between the coaches and the campers that makes Momentum so successful. There is no faster way to learn a sport than by copying….the key is WHO you are copying! By simply being themselves, our coaches instil the belief which made them successful – that everyone can achieve their goals, no matter what level you aspire to!

• customized to your level in small groups, to teach you exactly the skills you want to learn
• one-on-one attention and in-depth video review every day
• work with a different pro each day with exposure to all our great coaches to maximize your learning
• sport psych session to help you optimize your performance
• video footage from the week available for download after the camp

Full Package or Ski-Only Package

• Full Package – includes everything: terrain access, coaching, lift tickets, hotel, meals, airport transfers, all activities, video review.
• Ski-Only Package –  includes terrain access, coaching, lift tickets, video review.  (Activities + Meals can be added)

Girls Week, July 9 – 16, 2019

Our special Girls Week, runs alongside the regular Youth camp in Session 5. Our top female coaches focus their energy on mentoring and coaching the Momentum girls, with the objective of creating the ultimate environment for women to progress. See ‘Girls Week program’ for full details and note that we have Girls and Boys attend ALL of our sessions, so you are not restricted to that one week only.

Team Programs

We also offer special Team Programs for those wanting to focus on high performance either with their own coaches or with Momentum’s star coaches.  Contact us for details.

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