“To sum up, Momentum camps are akin to attending a course where David Beckham teaches you how to execute the perfect free kick, or Michael Jordan spends the day showing you how to make the perfect 3-point shot. Then you do it all again the next day with another sporting icon, having spent time watching your video session and perhaps downing a few beers with the skiing elite.

Oh, and if you want to learn some new school tricks, well, check out the Momentum freeride camps taught by X-Games champions of both park and pipe!! The same mentality to picking the best coaches applies…..how can you not be inspired?”

Tripadvisor: Guitars_Moguls, UK // camper

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“Travelled all the way from Scotland and was not disappointed. The coaches were amazing, park was awesome for all levels, both kickers and rails. Met some great people during my stay and took part in great afternoon activities such as trampolining, yoga and competition psychology which was of great benefit. The splashdown event was brilliant fun and the final pizza party and prize giving was amazing, I picked up so many good prizes over the week. Good food and an experience I will never forget, thanks Momentum, from a 15 year old happy freestyle camper!!”

—- Kyle Jenkins, UK // camper


“Momentum gives you the best of all seasons in one camp; with the best park on the glacier and access to sweet activities off the glacier.  With experienced and relatable coaches and staff, and pros that make you feel like you are skiing with your best friends.”

— Jared Thornton, Canada // camper


“Momentum Ski Camps is the best part of each and every summer! I have been to camp every summer except for one in the past thirteen years. When I was younger it was a great place to go to hone my skills as a competitive mogul skier and meet my childhood heroes. It was  also always a lot of fun to explore the pedestrian village with my friends and join in all of the afternoon activities.  Thanks to John and Julia’s hospitality Momentum Ski Camps has become my home away from home. Now as an adult I am having even more fun than I had at kid camp.  I would highly recommend Momentum Ski Camps to any skier who is interested in improving their technique.”

— Nathan Park, USA // camper


“We love Momentum ski camps. We look forward to our time at Momentum and Whistler all year long. We love everything about Momentum – the Whistler village, the fantastic food, the skiing, and most off the world class Momentum coaches and staff (John, Julia, Phil, Mikaël, Tammy, Chelsea, Ken, etc.) that feel like our extended summer skiing family. For us, this is the happiest place on Earth!”

— Tom Idzorek, USA // parent


“I’ve always been fascinated by bump skiers – you know – the kind that do it right!! And I’ve always loved those spring days out here in the East “trying” to ski the bumps! I went to Momentum last year with an awesome group of friends, to try to get better. There, I met a ridiculously fun group of people with the passion that makes “freestyle” skiing the “only” skiing that matters!! Momentum is top notch and second to none. John and Julia Smart, their administrative staff and their expert coaching staff do it with class and they do it “right”. I had an awesome time, met some awesome people, learned a ton, and I can’t wait to go back!! Skiing on a Glacier in June and July… C’mon!!! Who doesn’t love Ski Camp!!”

— Hugh Deery, USA //adult camper


“I took a couple of mogul clinic days at Blackcomb. It was the chance of a lifetime to ski with WorldCup freestyle skiers, coaches and Olympians. They teach mogul skiing the right way and watching these guys rip the moguls was entertaining on its own. I’m doing this again the next time I’m in the area. Highly, highly recommended. There aren’t many places in the world where you can get this type of instruction”

— Dan Florea, USA // camper


“Ex World Cup and Olympian coaches. Exhaustive fun on the slopes, followed by more exhaustive fun in the village afterwards. Video reviews in the evening. Reasonably priced meals and accommodation. Super keen staff. Not much more to say, other than this is the best fun the kids have ever had, their skills reached new heights, and they’ll be back for round two next year.”

— Emily D, AUS // parent


“I am always really just excited to meet a whole new wave of fired up skiers. It’s really refreshing for me to actually meet the genuine people who get so stoked on what I do and it’s a pleasure to meet and shred with them!”

— James “Woodsy” Woods, UK // Former camper Coach & X Games Gold Medalist


“All us coaches have unique and different ways we do our tricks, so if one coaches techniques don’t work for the individual camper, the next coach could have all the right secrets that work for you.”

— Joss Christensen, USA // Former Camper, Coach & Olympic Gold Medalist


“I love Momentum’s park. Everybody is pushing themselves in their own zones, learning tricks and stoked. The rail line is great to warm up on, the medium jumps are great for learning, and the big jumps usually goes off every sunny day. Not to mention the bag jumps, which are always a great way for campers to dial in new tricks safely. The overall vibes in the park are great.”

— Matt Walker, USA // Coach & Co-Founder of SLVSH


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