Top 10 Reasons



The best source of information will always come from a trusted friend. If you know of anyone who has been to our camp ask for their opinion first. If you do not know a friend from camp then look at our results over the past 27 years and see how many talented athletes who came to camp went on to become the best in the business today, many of whom are now coaching with us. Bringing in the best coaches is what feeds our success.


Our crew is made up of the most talented skiers in the world. Their names and results speak for themselves. Our coaches don’t just ‘post-up’ or ride the lanes, they teach, motivate, inspire and ski with you all day! Their ability to demonstrate any trick or technique you are working on allows for the fastest learning possible – something that your club coaches back home may not be able to do.  You also get to ski with a different coach each day to benefit from all of their unique knowledge, experience and coaching styles. The coaches work in small groups of 4 – 7 skiers of a similar ability so you learn at the right pace, (4 – 6 skiers in Adult Week).


Momentum offers the largest park on the glacier with the greatest variety of terrain from park to bumps, rails, jumps and airbags. The Momentum terrain park is built on 6 lanes of space, including a full mogul course, different levels of jump llines and rails and 2 giant air bags. With so much terrain our park can cater to all levels of riders and our volume of campers per lane is lower than most camps, therefore less crowded and safer.  For safer learning progression our park has a variety of jumps and rails from small to medium to large and we utilize the Whistler Water Ramp extensively, along with multiple trampolines with certified instructors to teach you how to learn to jump safely. The camp is sanctioned by Freestyle Canada.


The camp is located right next to the highest T-Bar on the glacier with  the shortest lift lines, ensuring the fastest turnaround times and most runs per day of any camp.


During the worst snow drought of 2015, Momentum was the only snow camp in North America to run fully operational for all sessions. This is due to our location on the glacier plus our effective strategies for moving and utilizing snow.  If snow levels are low we are the safest bet for success. Last summer we had excellent snow conditions well into July and could infact have continued to operate the camp into August.


HOTEL: Based at the Blackcomb Lodge & Spa, a three star hotel in the center of the Whistler Village, the hotel includes a pool and hot tub, kitchenettes in all rooms, phones, TV’s and cleaning service. This central location means we are close to everything – no need for shuttle busses or long walks!

MEALS: Enjoy breakfast as soon as you wake up at the base of the mountain at Merlin’s,  juice-break and snack on hill, all-you-can-eat lunch at the top of the mountain at the Horstman Hut. Dinners consist of a dine-around meal plan located at a different restaurant each night, allowing you to see and experience more of what Whistler has to offer.



In addition to skiing we offer a huge choice of off-hill activities, all included in the Full Package camp price or an optional extra for Ski Only Packages. Campers can sign up for whatever activity they want from our extended list of sports including, waterramping, paintball, trampoline, mountain biking, sailing, supping, climbing, etc… Since there is so much to see and do in Whistler, we’ve added an extra day at camp off snow (Sessions 1, 3 and 4), so you can truly enjoy this special place.

#8 VALUE FOR MONEY (9 & 8 day programs)

Our Full Package camp price includes everything you need from pick up on day 1 to drop off at the airport at the end of camp. You do not need to bring extra money for activities, evening meals or other things. Our camp sessions # 1, 3 and 4 are 9 day programs, including 8 nights, 2 travel days, 6 days on snow and 1 day off in the middle to rest and enjoy some of Whistler’s other activities. This year, we’re again offering 8 day camps in Session 2 and 5 along with Ski Only packages if you don’t need accommodation and meals. This is the most cost effective option with 6 ski days and 2 travel days. Camp is priced in Canadian dollars so all Americans benefit from a very strong US dollar right now!


You get plenty of video and meet up with your coach in the evenings for a personal review session and a chance to learn more. Every camper receives copies of their footage at the end of camp.


Whistler has been voted #1 resort by every top ski and snowboard magazine and was the Venue of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Whistler is one of the most beautiful places on earth and offers unparalleled facilities and activities, including the best summer skiing in North America and the world’s best mountain biking.


Camp Comparisons

If you are comparing other camps please be careful to note the following differences:

• We are above all a coaching-focussed camp, offering you the unique opportunity to learn from the very top skiers in the world – all former or current Olympians, Experienced Pros and World Cup skiers. They don’t just ride the lane and train alongside campers – they are your coaches… every day, all day, inspiring, motivating and showing you exactly how to do it! Additional one-on-one video review sessions in the evenings guarantee extra feedback and fast improvement. You get to keep this personal footage of your skiing, to remind you of the feedback and good times at camp.

• We are sanctioned by Freestyle Canada and follow their safety procedures to ensure campers learn the right way and in a safe environment.

• Our coaching and training facilities are dialled in to help you improve your air skills, from working on trampolines, to water ramps, to on-snow airbags. Our park is set up for progression with smaller rails + jumps for our beginners, to more challenging intermediate features and high end pro jumps for the superstars. Hybrid camps offer skiers the choice to train moguls as well as park and half pipe skills. Competitive skiers can qualify their jumps at camp.

• In general we offer a more all-inclusive and deluxe Full Package than other camps – deluxe hotel accommodation, restaurant meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner and a diverse program of afternoon activities. However if you want to keep the costs down, you can opt out of accommodation, meals and activities and our ‘Ski Only’ package price falls well below all others.

• The Full Package price includes everything (NO hidden Add-ons) – ALL your meals (with a dine-around Whistler dinner plan), transfers, all activities on hill and off hill (including all water ramp and trampoline training), plus you will be staying at a 3 star hotel with pool and jacuzzi in the centre of Whistler Village.

• We offer 8 or 9 day camps. Our unique 9 day package includes one day off snow to relax and truly experience and explore all Whistler has to offer.

• Largest most diverse Terrain Park Available: We have the largest terrain park on the glacier. Our Park is made up of 6 exclusive camp lanes, the next largest camp is only 3 lanes. We also offer the most diverse terrain available, including Moguls, Park, and two giant airbags. For lift access we have the fastest turnaround of any camp with a private T-bar which does not get crowded which runs right alongside our park. This means faster lap times and more skiing!

• Hours on snow. Our park is fully operational for at least 5 hours, from 8:45 am – 2:00 pm or 2:30pm depending on snow maintenance needed. With our faster lap time as noted above on the largest park on the glacier this is usually more than enough skiing for a day.

• The Internet and chat rooms can be an excellent source of information especially videos from the camp. However nothing beats talking directly to someone who has attended the camp, especially when it comes to describing the more important qualities such as the positive vibe and learning environment created by the coaching crew we employ. If you have any further questions and want some first hand experience, we can put you in touch with former/current campers who live near you for first-hand feedback.