XGames Superpipe Qualifier – Congrats to Camper Meg Gunning!

Aspen CO.

Winter XGames 14 kicked off the first evening with the womens’ superpipe qualifier.  True to form, the 22 foot superpipe was in absolutely pristine condition, and the level of riding from the womens’ field was incredible.

The T-team was represented by Dania Assaly, Sarah Burke, and Roz Groenewoud.  They were all riding well in training, and stoked to start off the event.

Dania had a couple of great runs going, but had a bit of trouble with her landings on her 900s in each of her runs, which unfortunately prevented her from qualifying into the 6 woman final.

Sarah, the defending XGames champ, gave us all a scare when she fell in first of two runs, putting the pressure on to make it or break it on her final chance.  She gave us even more of a scare in that final chance when she had a near miss on her landing of her 900.  She pulled a great recovery, and luckily the rest of her run was enough to make up for the mistake, narrowly squeaking into the final in 6th position.

Roz was absolutely charging the pipe all night, performing the biggest airs of the entire field. Her first run score held her in 2nd position until one of the final skiers of the night, Jen Hudak of the US, bumped her into 3rd place.

The story of the night was all about the 17 year old Momentum Camper Megan Gunning from the Alberta team.  Megan, in her first XGames appearance, laid down two incredible runs, earning the two highest scores of the night, and qualifying in first place!

The women’s final will be held on Friday night, and will be broadcast live on ESPN.  Check your local listings for times.

Stay tuned for more reports as the XGames events unfold.

Womens Superpipe Qualifying results (The 6 women advancing to finals)

1 – Megan Gunning (CAN)
2- Jen Hudak  (USA)
3- Roz Groenewoud (CAN)
4- Anais Caradeux (FRA)
5- Mirjam Jaeger (SUI)
6- Sarah Burke (CAN)

Attached is a shot of Roz during training, courtesy of Freeskier.com

Trennon Paynter,
Coach, Canadian Halfpipe Ski Team / Momentum Camps

January 28, 2010

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