Colby West Free Camp Winner!

We would like to congratulate ALL the contestants who entered the Colby Comedy Camp Contest to Win a Free Camp at Momentum! As a consolation prize, we would like to offer a $100 Gift Certificate to this year’s Camp to ALL the Stage 3 contestants. You guys put together some amazing videos and it was very hard to pick a winner.

Colby James West, Simon Cowell, and the rest of the Momentum Crew sat down for hours and after much deliberation and many laughs, were finally able to make a decision.

The 2nd runner up goes to SAMUEL HOLINATY, with a hilarious photo and video to boot! We would like to offer a $300 Gift Certificate to this year’s camp.

The 1st runner up goes to GAVIN RUDY who created a hilarious infomercial that would make Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan proud. We’ll be sending you a Giro helmet signed by Colby and a pair of matching goggles. In addition, we’ll be giving you a $400 Gift Certificate for this year’s camp.

And the WINNER of the FREE MOMENTUM camp goes to……MARK HENDRICKSON!!!!!!

For going the distance in making this video, Mark’ you’ll be coming to Momentum Camps for FREE and have an exclusive opportunity to make your very own edit with Colby!!!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, helped and voted. Colby and the Momentum Crew had a lot of fun with this contest and we hope you did too!

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April 30, 2011

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