Momentum Coaches Break Records at X

Holy Crap Batman,

As the competition at the 14th Winter X-Games gets out of control and reaches unprecedented levels the Momentum coaches step it up even further and in doing so break new records landing themselves in the history books.

30 Jan 2010: TJ Schiller Spins a double corked 1620 and sticks it. Never been done before, TJ has just advanced the sport of Freeskiing perhaps too far for some. Lets hope this record stays for awhile. Check it out.

TJ’s Dub Cork 1620

31 Jan 2010: The following day in the new Halfpipe High Air event, Peter Olenick, launches himself 24′ 11″ above the deck  to claim X-Games Gold and break the Guinness World Record for the highest launch out of any halpipe for skiers or boarders. here it is:

Olenick’s World Record

30 Jan, 2010: Justin Dorey, takes Silver in the High Air battle.  Justin was attacking the transition with everything he had, and after sending himself 23 feet, 11 inches into the night sky, was looking pretty untouchable for the win until fellow coach, Peter Olenick had something to say about this to his hometown fans in Aspen.

30 Jan, 2010: Roz G was giving a lesson in amplitude, absolutely schooling the field in the height department with a 14′ +  first hit!  Roz showed that she can really step things up, improving on her qualifying runs by adding a 900, throwing big spins on both walls, and finishing strong with a switch 540.  Roz’s aggressive and confident approach to her runs was appreciated by the fans and judges alike, and was rewarded with a 3rd place finish, her first XGames medal!

February 9, 2010

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