Camp Director, John Smart carries the Olympic Torch thru Whistler.

5 Feb, 2010

Two time Olympian, 13 x World Cup medallist and owner of Momentum Ski Camps was chosen to run the Olympic Torch down the Village Stroll in Whistler. The path selected for John was on the village stroll in the heart of the Whistler Village. Starting from the mainstage in front The Blackcomb Lodge (where he runs his summer camps) up the  to the Clock Tower, near the famous Sushi Village.

John’s reflection of the experience on his facebook page along with images follows:

” Ok it is true, the Olympic flame holds a magic spell. It didn’t matter that I was an Olympian what they cared about was that I was a torchbearer and everyone wanted a piece of it and when they got near, it made them all smile. I must have posed for more than 2,000 photos last night on everyone else’s cameras. I have never seen so many smiles from so many people in one place. I wish we could all carry a small torch like this in our pockets always… actually I think we can… It was a magic night.

I’d like to also thank everyone for all your good wishes and the warnings to not trip. Turns out I did almost trip when I tried to spin with the torch and clipped one of my overly protective body guards – check out the last very blurry image of one of the guards pushing a dangerous character (aka Mike Douglas) out of the way as he tried to get too close! Actually they did tell me that there were already three attempts on the Flame that night so the main village stroll had them a little on edge.”

February 9, 2010

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