Momentum Ski Camps – 2014 Session 3 Recap and Edit

Momentum Ski Camps – 2014 Session 3 Recap and Edit

Talk about #BestSummerEver, Session 3 was unreal!!
Girls Week, Exposure: Film + Photo plus Night Shoot and even more sun and fun for the freeride and mogul campers. All unleashed on Momentum’s massive park!


B-Paul airs over Rory Bushfield

Girls Week coaches included: Dara Howell, Keltie Hansen, Kim Lamarre, Roz G, Dania Assaly, Audrey Robichaud, Tami Bradley, Jackie Brown, Chelsea Henitiuk, Maude Raymond, and Yuki Tsubota.

momentum 2014

Left to right: Keltie Hansen, Meg Gunning, Chelsea Henitiuk, Roz G, Tami Bradley, Audrey Robichaud, Dania Assaly, Kim Lamarre

Exposure coaches welcomed: Blake Jorgenson, Darren Rayner, Josh Berman, Jan Schuster, Mike Douglas, Jeff Schmuck, Zac Moxley
Darren Rayner, Blake Jorgenson, Josh Berman

Darren Rayner, Blake Jorgenson, and Josh Berman  Photo: Jeff Schmuck

The rest of the stacked coaching crew consisted of: Joss Christensen, Mikael Kingsbury, Mike Riddle, Rory Bushfield, Noah Bowman, Noah Morrison, Alex Schlopy, Colby West, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, Phil Marquis, Matt Margetts, Max Morello, Riley Leboe, Corey Vanular, Paul Bergeron, Justin Dorey, Mike Henitiuk, Josh Bibby, Alexi Godbout, Austin Ross, Mauro Nunez, Eddie Hicks and Josh Stack.


Olympic silver medalist Mik Kingsbury and Phil Marquis tandem jump

Joss Christensen 1

Olympic Gold medalist Joss Christensen    Photo:Jeff Schmuck


Olympic silver medalist Mike Riddle


Alex Beaulieu-Marchand aka ABM  Photo: Jeff Schmuck
Noah Bowman


Paul Bergeron aka B-Paul


James Woodsy Woods snacking on the Giro toblerone


Austin Ross and Mauro Nunez

Exposure: Film + Photo campers were treated to this high level of talent.

Exposure 4

Blake Jorgenson discusses framing the shot


 Darren Rayner providing direction at the night shoot

The crew shot other areas around Whistler.


Including the skate park, Whistler longboard competition, 


and the mountain bike trails.  Photo by Camper: Benjamin Moscona-Remnitz
*Stay tuned for a collection of Exposure camper’s work from the week.*

Girls Week was also in full swing. momentum 2014

Keltie Hansen and Megan Gunning

momentum 2014
with over 50 girls!

momentum 2014

They took to the rails,



momentum 2014

momentum 2014
and dance!
momentum 2014
Dania Assaly and her camper

momentum 2014

Olympic Gold medalist Dara Howell and her flock, (with Mike Richards photo-bombing 😉

Momentum wouldn’t be complete without Sarah Burke, the founder of the Girls Week program.


Rory Bushfield and Kim Lamarre sabering a bottle of champaign

a toast to celebrate Sarah

The rest of the camp was in full effect.

momentum 2014

but first a morning stretch

then Superman front flips


gap to down rails

momentum 2014

tag-teaming the Skullcandy stair set


and sending it into the airbag


… and the other one!

Off the hill, Oakley hooked up campers with free lenses for their goggles.


Thanks Oakley!

Then campers had an afternoon full of activities.

like zip-lining, soccer, paintball, mountain biking, driving range,


frisbee golf, water ramps, trampoline and more!

One night back up on the Horstman glacier, as the sun was setting, Exposure campers were treated to some shooting stars!

momentum 2014

Noah Morrison and James Woodsy Woods


Exposure coach and godfather Mike Douglas was on-hand to share his knowledge.


the octocopter was launched to catch a new prospective

KC Deane, Alexi Godbout, Mike Douglas, JP Auclair

KC Deane and JP Auclair where on hand with the Poor Boyz Production crew

Mike Shaw 2







 stoked to welcome Mike Shaw back to the glacier!     Photo: Jeff Schmuck

Jan Schuster & James Woods

Exposure coach Jan Schuster was on-site as a model   Photo: Jeff Schmuck


the palm trees were planted


and the guys sent it… 

Joss Christensen


Noah Morrison, Rory Bushfield, and James Woodsy Woods grouped together

momentum 2014

and gave us a show!

Thanks again to everyone!  This was a session to remember!


July 24, 2014

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