Session 3 Recap

Session 3 Recap

Session 3 – The most insane group of coaches assembled for one hell of a session.

Coaching: Alex Schlopy, Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, TJ Schiller, Mike Riddle, Rory Bushfield, James Woods, Matt Margetts, Mike Henitiuk, Josh Bibby, Riley Leboe, Corey Vanular, Paul Bergeron, Dave Crichton, Kristi Richards, Maude Raymond, Roz Groenewoud, Dania Assaly, Megan Gunning, Anais Caradeux, Jess Cummings, Phil Marquis, Chelsea Henitiuk, Andrew Clough, Ken Rhodes, and Tami Bradley.

Plus Exposure Coaches:
Johnny DeCesare (Poor Boyz Productions), Blake Jorgenson, Darren Rayner (Voleurz), Charlie Grinnell (w/ RED Cameras), and Doug Bishop & Jeff Schmuck (

With over 150 plus campers, the next 9 days were going to be awesome!

The Park was in full swing and looking tight… Jumps, rails, halfpipe, moguls!

Before things got started… everyone loosened up.

Alex Schlopy reporting for coaching duty.

Tom and Gus getting set up with their groups.

TJ Schiller and his crew at the top of the T-Bar.

James Woodsy Woods at the start of the switchback rail road with his posse.


Matt Margetts with his class.

Mike Henitiuk definitely stoked as camper Meg greases the rail.

Jess Cummings at the mid mountain rail pack.

Maude and her crew about to hit the 3 pack jump line.

Campers were sending it and hot-lapping the park! Check out the lift line.

Josh Bibby learning to fly over the bottom jump.

A little foreground/background action with camper/ Tom about to stomp it.

Airbag to almost cap the lap off. With a choice of 3 more jibs to follow before being whisked up the lift!

On the other side of the Glacier, the rail road and XL jump line always has good flow!

The 80′ Step Up was a huge hit, as Gus demonstrates.

All followed by the 22′ halfpipe into airbag.

Dropping in!

Oh and let’s not forget out about Skullcandy Stairset!

On the other side of the T-Bar, lays a full mogul lane.

The Canadian Development Team training.

Double action on Competition day!

Campers were stoked as always, especially with a full 9 days of bluebird!

Looking good in the Momentum hoodie!

Girls Week was a huge hit! With the Full Recap HERE

Lead by Kristi Richards, Rosalind Groenewoud, Dania Assaly, Tami Bradley, Anaïs Caradeux, Maude Raymond, Chelsea Henitiuk, Jess Cummings, Megan Gunning and Always & Forever Sarah Burke!

Momentum Exposure, Film and Photo camp had an amazing inaugural start with; Johnny DeCesare (Poor Boyz Productions), Blake Jorgenson, Darren Rayner (Voleurz), Charlie Grinnell (w/ RED Cameras), and Doug Bishop & Jeff Schmuck (

Johnny DeCesare from Poor Boyz Productions

Darren Rayner from Voleurz.

Blake Jorgenson

Doug Bishop

Jeff Schmuck

Charlie Grinnell with his 2 RED Cameras

Campers interviewed and shot all the top pros all week! Keep an eye for their edits!


Mid way through the week, Exposure campers had an exclusive night shoot with some of the top pros.
Including: Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, Rory Bushfield, Josh Bibby, Seb Eaves, Jamieson Irving, Alex Bellemare, and Noah Morrison.

Exposure camper captures Gus on the kicker rail.

Here’s one of camper Raj Suchdev’s sequence shot of James ‘Woodsy’ Woods


Camper Luke Smarts’ photo of Woodsy and Bibby.

Big ups to the Digger Crew! Lead by Mike Shaw

and one more time for the coaches!

Thanks to all for making this such a great week!

July 27, 2012

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