Summer Covid-19 Update

Summer Operations:

We are optimistic and highly motivated to run a great camp again this year to celebrate our 30th year of operations,  but are currently waiting for final thumbs up from BC Public Health.

Border Closure:

With the rapid roll out of vaccinations and improved testing, we hope the border will reopen for non-essential travel and allow visitors to come to Canada without having to quarantine. At this time it is not yet clear when the border will reopen or what criteria will be in place for travellers.

Refund Policy:

Should the border remain closed or the camps be shut down due to ongoing Covid safety concerns, then our refund policy will be the same as last year – either a full credit to our 2022 camp or a full refund minus a 3% credit card transaction fee. Should you have to cancel for any other reason, you have the option of taking out our cancelation insurance at time of booking which will offer a full refund on your deposit and balance. Note that this does not cover the cost of canceled flights, so we would recommend that you have flight cancelation insurance in place just in case. 

We will update this post as soon as we learn more.  

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