Team Momentum (Canada) at JOSS

Are, Sweden

Ahhhh spring, when young men’s hearts turn to things like VIP parties, beautiful girls and massive, perfectly shaped booters (yeah, with a “b”).

Things couldn’t be lined up better at the moment for Team Canada made up of Momentum camp coaches TJ Schiller, Justin Dorey, and Ian Cosco (all mega-PROOOOO).  The boys are off in Sweden representing the Great White North at JOSS, the event that EVERYONE wants to be a part of.  Sounds like things are “chugging” along in fine form over there, as the weather has been good, the features perfect, and no end of social activities at their disposal during the evenings.

Make sure to keep following the NS updates for details on what team Canada(Momentum) gets up to over there, and don’t miss out on Momentum this summer, when you can convince them to share some stories of the on and off-hill action over in Are.

Take note, today is the final day to to win a free week of camp with TJ as your host.


April 15, 2010

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