Momentum Camps – Session 1 Recap

Momentum Camps – Session 1 Recap

After months of anticipation, crossing off days on the calendars, finally summer is upon us… and Session 1 was a great week!!!

Flying into Vancouver International airport and then being whooshed off to paradise. Campers and coaches were ready to experience the #BestSummerEver. With the largest park in our 22 year history, it was time to get the shred on!

Extra lanes have been added to accommodate all the new features!Overview Glacier - STU 2

Let’s walk through the park….Start off with the Switch-Back rail line, which has been extended.

Switchback -IMG_6526

Which runs into the main jump and rail lanes.

switchback rail road (1 of 1)

Send it off the medium jump line.     Photo: Head Digger Mike Shaw grabbing nose.

Mike Jump-STU_0239

Finish that off with a hit into the airbag.

Airbag - STU_0093

Then jump onto the private t-bar to take another lap down the Moguls, XL Jump line, Rail-road and Halfpipe! No line-up = Fast-lapping.

Fast-lapping -Stu

The XL jump line features a 55′ into an 65′ double step-up plus our famous 80′ step up with a landing bigger than ever. Digger Brendan Reid demonstrating how it’s done. With Noah Morrison and John Smart watching on.

B-Reid Jump IMG_6116

Mike Heni and camper sessioning in unison some new jibs on the Rail Road.

Rail road Heni-IMG_6280

James Woodsy Woods testing out the new double elbow.

woodsy green elbow (1 of 1)

Followed up with the Skullcandy close-out…


and stairset.Stairset-IMG_6392

plus multiple mogul lanes!
Our star-studded line-up of coaches are back with TJ Schiller as head-coach. James Woodsy Woods, Noah Morrison, Corey Vanular, Mike Henitiuk, Josh Bibby, Alex Wilson, Chelsea Henitiuk, Clay Renwick, Tami Bradley and Ken Rhodes coaching Session 1.

TJ and his crew.

tj and group

Woodsy and his camper

woodsy and camper (1 of 1)

Corey Vanularcorey and campers (1 of 1)

Tami Bradley

tami and group (1 of 1)

Chelsea Henitiuk

chelsea and group (1 of 1)

8 National teams have chosen Momentum to train at this summer, including: Canadian, USA, New Zealand, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Brazil and Australia.

Steve shot IMG_9403b

With the Olympics approaching this winter, Justin Dorey getting some practice time into 22? Halfpipe with 50×50 airbag and deck bag.

Dorey Pipe-IMG_6011

Follow a full day of skiing with some activities. Paintball, Waterramps, Mountain Biking, Sailing, Trampolines and more!


Greeting from Gillian! Holding down the office.


Campers and coaches have been eating well after skiing and afternoon activities. Here at Tappen Village.

MEALS - Tappen

Video Review with Mike Henitiuk.

Mike -video review


Session 1 Awards -IMG_5970

Session 1 awards group2-IMG_5976

Followed up with a challenge for a GoPro, Skullcandy’s and Giro goggles.


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July 1, 2013

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