Momentum Session 5 Recap and Edit (Adults Only)

Momentum Session 5 Recap and Edit (Adults Only)

Momentum Camps 2013 – Session 5 Edit (ADULT Week) from Momentum Ski Camps on Vimeo.

Adult Week 2013…. this was one for the books! A record breaking year that was off the hook!

Adult Week Cover photo John and Girls IMG_1205

The fun, energy, friends, food, parties, weather… oh yah and the skiing were at their best.

2. Whistler Scene STU_0487

Over 75 adults from 9 different countries converged on beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, Canada for a 9 day ultimate summer ski vacation.

3. coaches shot2

Coached by Olympians, World Cup and top professional skiers…

Left to Right: Clay Renwick, Eddie Hicks, Chelsea Henitiuk, Tami Bradley, Jen Simm, Scott Bellavance, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, Austin Ross, TJ Schiller, Dania Assaly. Plus Mike Riddle, Matt Margetts, Ken Rhodes and Jim Schiman.

Adult Moguls IMG_8848

A carpet of 300 New Bumps!


Early morning jazzercise …


..private T-bar whisking campers and coaches to the top of our lane on Horstman Glacier…

Adult week group shot IMG_8896

…where the bonding begins!


James ‘Woodsy’ Woods going through the motions of sliding rails.

Woodsy Rail IMG_3558

Followed by a quick demo of how easy it is!

Woodsy Coaching IMG_3564


Woodsy Coaching Adults camper IMG_3714


Adult camper rail IMG_4499

…is all it takes.

6. IMG_8541

Matt Margetts supporting his campers on the in-run to the 50’x 50′ airbag….

Adult Jump IMG_4529

…translates to confident new jumps.

Adult TJ: Class IMG_8893

Off to the big jump line with TJ Schiller.

Adult jump IMG_4567


Adult Tami Coaching STU_0289

Tami Bradley demonstrating a technique on the flats before jumping into the bumps…

Moguls adult camper STU_0275

and it works with a smile too!

Ken and friends IMG_8873

Ken Rhodes and some of the boys.

Adult Moguls IMG_8863

Sizing up the moguls… or the other way around…

Adult moguls STU_0116

and shredding it up.

Photo: Michael Overbeck, 2013

Amongst all the campers, a few slightly more “advanced” adults were training for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, including US team members Tom Wallisch…

Sammy Carlson IMG_8653

Sammy Carlson…

14. IMG_4575

and Candide Thovex of France, who inspired campers like…

14. IMG_4578

Stacy Gluck, throwing down a nice 50-50 and giving Candide a run for his money!

Download chair lift IMG_1165

Back to base camp…


…after a full day of skiing, hydration is always good. Luckily ‘Merlins’ is located steps from the bottom of the lift.

adult Soccer IMG_4069

Afternoon activities are always fun, from bungee jumping, mountain biking, sailing, waterramping… to intense soccer matches…

Adult Paddle board -DSC01467

…to standing on a board with a stick on Rainbow Lake. 🙂

1. Adult hotel IMG_8794

Heading out of the Blackcomb Lodge for dinner…

Adult Dinner IMG_8933

…with new friends, good food…

Adult dinner live music IMG_8937

and sometimes live music and dancing!

Adult Dinner IMG_8810


Adult video review IMG_8785

After dinner it’s back to the hotel for video review…

Adult Surgery IMG_8817

and some deep thoughts with your coaches during their sports psychology or ‘Brain Surgery’ sessions.

Adult Week Sushi Dinner STU_0267-2

And then there is the Sushi Dinner night…

Adult Week Sushi Dinner STU_0239-2

…with the famous Sake Margaritas Cheers!

Adult Week Christmas party 21447_618568131510043_1762887113_n

The evenings were merry and got a bit blurry for some…

Adult moguls STU_0161

The last day of camp was something different – a Beach Party on-hill saw water-wings…

Adults week party IMG_1248

…pink boas…

Adult camp tami bikini STU_0258

…bikini back flips…

Adult Matt Margett Corc STU_0253

… extreme inflatable crocodiles…

Adult Dance party Momentum019

…dance parties…

Diggers penguin slide

and penguin sliding!

Adult Awards STU_0659

The awards night dinner caps off an awesome week…

Adult party IMG_4864

full of skits…

Adult Awards prizes IMG_4891


Adult Award party STU_0567

and a final challenge like no other…

Adult Awards Party STU_0583

…involving a race on the 18th hole of the Whistler Golf Club…

Adult Award Party STU_0601

…followed by a few somersaults…

Adult Awards Party STU_0607

…a shot…

Adult Awards Party IMG_8953

and the swap of your partners clothes!!!

Adult camp party IMG_1221

This was truly the #BestSummerEver! Thanks to everyone for making it such an epic week.


October 29, 2013

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