Momentum Session III 2011

Filmed and Edited by: Steve Horton

SESSION 3,  JULY 1 – 9

School was finally out for all campers, so this was our biggest session and drew all the Top names in the biz as coaches. It also featured our Special Girls week, the Splashdown water ramp event  and to top it off, the amazing snow conditions and weather added to the success of this session.

Photo: Miles Clark

Unbelievable line-up of Freeride coaches, including Simon Dumont, Tom Wallisch, Sarah Burke, Alex Schlopy, Dave Crichton, Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, Mike Henitiuk, Gus Kenworthy, Matt Margetts, Roz G, Dania Assaly, Paul ‘B-Paul’ Bergeron, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, Colby James West, Josh Bibby, Rory Bushfield, Tim Russell, Ian ‘Chug’ Cosco, Riley Leboe, Maude Raymond.

Photo: Miles Clark

Photo: Miles Clark

Moguls welcomed reigning Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Bilodeau and 3rd in the World young superstar Mikael Kingsbury! They joined Olympian Tami Bradley and World Cup skiers Chelsea Henitiuk, Phil Marquis, Chris Wong, Eddie Hicks and Andrew Clough.

Olympic Gold medalist Alex Bilodeau.  Photo: Hans Hedberg


Mik Kingsbury signing autographs!

The Park that dreams are made of…

Photo: Miles Clark

Photo: Hans Hedberg

Photo: Miles Clark

The 22 foot Half Pipe  was in immaculate condition – also used by Canadian, French and New Zealand National Teams!

Photo: Hans Hedberg


Photo: Hans Hedberg


The salting of the pipe, combined with Tyson Goodrich’s excellent pipe cutting produced flawless walls! Photo: Hans Hedberg


Matt Margetts.  Photo: Jeff Schmuck


Byron Wells watching on as Jossi Wells sends it huge out of the pipe. Photo: Jeff Schmuck


Byron Wells Photo: Jeff Schmuck

The new stairset was a kick ass feature…

Photo: Miles Clark


Photo: Jeff Schmuck


Nikki Blackall Killin’ it! Photo: Miles Clark

The Acro Airbag…

Photo: Miles Clark

Photo: Miles Clark


Photo: Miles Clark

The 80’ Step up..


James ‘Woodsy’ Woods smiling for the cameras.
Photo: Miles Clark


Photo: Miles Clark

Photo: Miles Clark

Photo: Miles Clark

Huge thanks to Park Manager Chris Turpin and the Diggers – Mauro Nunez, Sasha Lazic, Antoinne Choquette, Frank Gp, Michael Brush, Ian Simpson, Colin Sutherland, Mark Alias, Ashley L, Emil Homsten, Jonas Hjohlman and Adam Snider!


Photo: Hans Hedberg

Splashdown and Girls Week Special Posts to come

Momentum Camps- Splashdown

The 2nd annual Momentum Splashdown Waterramp event went off on July 5th! Alex Schlopy, Mik Kingsbury, Colby James West, Gus Kenworthy, Matt Margetts, Mauro Nunez  along with Momentum campers competed for cash prizes and sponsor schwagg. Photo: Joern Rohde

Momentum Camps- Splashdown

Mike Douglas, Sarah Burke, and Mike Riddle judging the event! Photo: Joern Rohde

Momentum Camps- Splashdown

Gus Kenworthy took $1,000 in cash for the Best Jump!  Stay tuned for the Special Splashdown Wrap-up!
Photo: Joern Rohde

Alex Bilodeau

There was a huge buzz around Alex Bilodeau this week.  Especially when he brought a little golden gift by the office.


The camper’s all got a chance to check out and hold the medal!


Young 11 Year old Berkley Brown got to interview her idol as well as Mik Kingsbury! Stay tuned for the up and coming release on!

Sarah Burke was around when Alex brought his Gold Medal out. A foreshadowing of what’s to come in Sochi 2014!!!


…and this is a perfect segway into Girls Week!

Lead by Sarah Burke and Tami Bradley along with the rest of the female coaching crew –  Roz G, Dania Assaly, Kristy Leskinen and Chelsea Henitiuk, Girls Week was a huge success! The girls had their own afternoon shoot, special additional activities and some real bonding time!


Girls just want to have fun.. on the Horstman Hut Patio – Dania, Sarah, Tami and Chelsea! Photo: Hans Hedberg


Sarah Burke watching on as one of the campers hits the A-Frame jump! Photo: Nadia Samer


Nadia Samer from SBC Skier joined the girls for some of the festivities. Check out the article here.

Stay tuned for the Full Girl’s Week Special Report!

Wrap up party!


The group shot! Photo: Hans Hedberg


Tom Wallish signing a valuable souvenir! Photo: Hans Hedberg


Colby James West’s soccer skills are only trumped by Cristiano Ronaldo! Photo: Hans Hedberg


The Coaches Shot!


The GoPro/Oakley/Skullcandy contest was intense this week! Rory Bushfield hid 10 cups of water in the forest… the first 7 to find a cup advanced on to the eating of the onion! Once the entire onion was devoured, the final hurdle was to drink a cup of hot sauce! Photo: Hans Hedberg


Congratulations to Shane Harris for winning a pair of Oakley Goggles, a GoPro, and Skullcandy headphones, plus a Triumphant Trophy (empty bottle of hot sauce)!

Photo: Steve Horton

20 Candles Contests Update:

Congratulations to Amber Amin the  winner of the “Schlopy Says” Contest! You’ll be receiving a pair of Oakley Splices signed by Alex Schlopy!

The Oakley Goggle Tan Contest winner will be announced this week – they will win a Pair of Oakley Splices signed by Simon Dumont!

Currently underway is our new contest featured on Soapbox. Going along with our initiative to always improve the camp we want your best ideas for a chance to Win custom Momentum/Skullcandy Headphones and an Ipod Shuffle!


July 26, 2011

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