Session 1 Recap

Session 1 Recap

SESSION 1, 2012 is in the history books…and what a great week!
Marked by the top coaches teaching some amazing campers in the best park in Whistler!

The coaching of TJ Schiller, Alexi Godbout, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, Josh Bibby, Mike Henitiuk, Chris Wong, Andrew Clough, Tami Bradley, and Ken Rodhes.

These guys teach, motivate and inspire… this is what Momentum is all about!

ames ‘Woodsy’ Woods and campers.

All 3 Olympic Venues: Pipe , Slope & Moguls ..

The only Halfpipe within hundreds of miles –  campers, coaches, and National Teams made full use of the 22′ halfpipe, with dual side hit into Airbag!

Chris Turpin sending it huge!


NATIONAL TEAMS : The Canadian, Russian, New Zealand and British National teams have been training all week at Momentum.

From Top left clockwise: Matt Margetts, Meg Gunning and Noah Bowman,  Russian National Team,  GB Freeski Team,  Meg, Keltie Hansen and Roz G.

The Skullcandy Stairset in its new home

30 Rail Features with more jump lines than ever before….   Railroad & 70′ Step Up (bottom left)

Mogul Battle Grounds – built for training perfection

 and after a full day of skiing it’s on to the included ACTIVITIES:

Waterramp and Trampolines
Mountain Biking
Frisbee Golf
Driving Range
Bounce Facility
Core Rock Climbing

Then off to our dine around Whistler Dinner Journey including
Ric’s Grill – 3 course meal – w/Ribs
Thai in the Village
Chinese Bistro
and more…

Brainsurgery & Video Review ….

At the end of the week it’s AWARDS time…

Thanks for the GREAT WEEK everyone!


SESSION 2 has just got underway… with coaches Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, B Paul, James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, TJ Schiller, Mik Kingsbury, Alexi Godbout, Rory Bushfield, Mike Henitiuk, Riley Leboe, and Chelsea Henitiuk!

SESSION 3 will be featuring; Alex Schlopy, Tom Wallisch, Gus Kenworthy, TJ Schiller, Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, Roz Groenewoud, Rory Bushfield, Matt Margetts, James Woods, Corey Vanular Megan Gunning, Mike Henitiuk, Josh Bibby, Alexi Godbout, Paul Bergeron, Annais Caradeux, Dave Crichton, Maude Raymond, Riley Leboe, Dania Assaly, Jess Cummings


July 3, 2012

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