Win a Free Camp: Congratulations!


CONGRATULATIONS! to the winners of the Photo Contest who have now made it to stage 3 of the Win a Free Momentum Ski Camp with Colby James West.

Here are the Winners:

Matteo Cerullo
Gioia Cerullo
Vincent Goyette
Patrick Hughes
Colleen Stevenson
Jared Thornton
Jazmin West
Samuel Holinaty
Gavin Rudy
Josh Noronha
Brenden Reid aka Marty Lempkin
Blake Grist
Mark Hendrickson
Cassandra Sharpe
Peter Raich
Kyle Smith
Trevor Hattabaugh
Charlie Ingalls
Connor Slipp
Taryn Fransen
Brice Wood
Logan Dobson


Your next task will be to create a 30 Sec Commercial for Momentum Ski Camps or as Colby & Luke have requested create anything you want that will make us laugh!

The best video wins a free summer Camp! Due date is April 15.

We will be informing everyone next week on how we would like you all to submit/upload your videos. So hang tight, and we’ll keep you posted! In addition the selection process will be similar to that of stage 2, Colby and the Momentum Crew will be deciding but there will be a voting component as well. Stay tuned for more details!

Good luck and may your funny bone lead you well.

Colby James West and the Momentum Crew

Twitter @momentumcamps

April 4, 2011

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