Win a Free Camp: Photo Contest


Ok!/pages/Momentum-Ski-Camps/288985533103″>FACEBOOK PAGE where you will find a link to SOAPBOX (voting application) on your left side menu. If you are not on facebook you can click on this link to go direct to our SOAPBOX PAGE.

Either vote a thumbs up or down on the photos you like or don’t like or just don’t vote. Note that when you click on the link to Soapbox it may take a couple minutes to load so be patient. You can sort the winning photos by clicking on the “TOP” tab.  The top 20 photos, based on a criteria of the popular vote here along with Colby’s giggle factor will decide who will advance to the 3rd and final challenge.  This decision will be made on April Fools Day. Good Luck!

March 22, 2011

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