Session 3 Recap and Edit

Session 3 Recap and Edit

Session 3 sold out early again this year, and for good reason. Even more Top Pros, Girls Week, Exposure: Film and Photo camp, National teams and many special guests showed up. Plus the night shoot….

night shoot-0780

Coaching this week: Joss Christensen, Rory Bushfield, Alex Schlopy, Tom Wallisch, Justin Dorey, Mike Riddle, James Woodsy Woods, Matt Margetts, Noah Morrison, Paul Bergeron, TJ Schiller, Josh Bibby, Riley Leboe, Austin Ross, Scott Bellavance, Josh Stacks, Mike Henitiuk, and Ken Rhodes. Photo: Tom and his class.


Girls Week Coaches: Roz G, Anaïs Caradeux, Jackie Brown, Meg Olenick, Meg Gunning, Dania Assaly, Chelsea Henitiuk, and Tami Bradley.

Girls week-0490

Exposure Coaches: Josh Berman (Level 1), Blake Jorgenson, Darren Rayner, Jeff Schmuck, Mike Douglas, Charlie Grinnell, Kevin McHugh.  Photo: Josh Berman with exposure camper.


Training this week: Candide Thovex, Sammy Carlson, ABM, Gus Kenworthy, Noah Bowman plus many more.  Photo: Candide Thovex laid back.


The week kicked off with James Woodsy Woods landing a triple for his first time. A triple corked 1440! ESPN footage and interview.


With the park still in prime condition; campers, coaches and teams were able to get their tricks dialled. Photo: Michael Overbeck

Park Shot - Mike Overb..-4949

Justin Dorey spinning in the pipe.


Sammy Carlson showing his style.


Gus Kenworthy on the kicker rail. Same one he doubled off of last year.


Joss Christensen having fun on the new z rail.

Joss C-0151

ABM working on a new trick?


Paul Bergeron filming his camper with the new GoPro3 for video review.

B Paul goPro-1682

Olympian Scott Bellavance coaching in the moguls.


Girls Week was an absolute blast again this year. The program started by our late friend and coach Sarah Burke. #CelebrateSarah


Group shot

Girls Shot-0335

Dance party

Girls dance-9449

and Private afternoon video…

girls week-9536

… and photo shoot.

Girls week-0554

Carly Lavieille was our winner of the Spirit of Sarah Scholarship.


Rory Bushfield with a cheers to Sarah Burke.

rory - Celebrate Sarah-9565

During session 3, Momentum’s Film and Photo camp Exposure was also taking place. Lead by Blake Jorgenson on the photography side.


On the film side, Josh Berman and…


Darren Rayner


Mike Douglas

Mike D-7396

and SBC Skiers’ Jeff Schmuck


All this lead to the night shoot where the campers had an array of top talent to shot. Including: Tom Wallisch, James Woodsy Woods, Noah Morrison, Mike Riddle, Rory Bushfield, Dania Assaly, Corey Vanular, Josh Stack along with the high flying diggers! Photo: Tom going huge.

Night Shoot-7499

Noah Morrison trying a double off the rail.

night shoot - Noah Double off rail-0833

Mike Riddle with a big ol’ tail.

Night Shoot riddle-0087

James Woodsy Woods with the octograb.

night shoot - woodsy-0873

At the finale night, campers showed their work from the week. Conrad Keglowitsch shot of Max Novotny switch 50-50 to zero spin.


ESPN’s Robin Macdonald on hand to interview a few campers.


Session 3 wrapped up with the awards party.


Double GoPro’s

GoPros win-7608

A Giro Haircut


Thanks everyone for the great week!

group shot


Momentum Camps 2013 – Session 3 Edit from Momentum Ski Camps on Vimeo.


July 22, 2013

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