Dania Assaly

Park + Pipe

Dania Assaly

Dania is a former camper and member of the Canadian National Halfpipe Team. Skilled in both Slopestyle and Pipe she finished 2nd Overall in the 2010 AFP rankings and is a regular at Nine Queens.

Dania’s positive energy and fun-loving personality make her one of Momentum’s favorite coaches and she has been an especially great mentor during our Girls Week each year.


Career Highlights:
1st North Face Park and Pipe – Superpipe 2011
1st Dew Tour (Breckenridge) – Superpipe 2009
1st New Zealand Open – Slopestyle 2009
1st WSI – Superpipe 2009
1st Mount Snow and Big Bear Opens – Halfpipe 2008
1st Aspen Open – Superpipe 2008

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